Best Online Bingo Canada #1 (Top 6 Most Trusted Sites) 2020

Online Bingo Canada

Top Online Bingo Canada sites are getting big numbers and attracting more people day by day all over the world. Most best online bingo Canada sites are legit, providing an open platform for everyone to try their luck, but when it comes to playing for money everyone wants to play safe. Therefore people go for the bingo sites they can trust most.

Some important factors making these sites most trusted for Canadians when reviewing include:

  • Easy payment methods
  • Easy withdrawal methods and reasonable time frames
  • Must have an above 95% payout ratio
  • Ongoing and increasing bonuses
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • They provide a standard security level and are certified by the regulatory gambling commission.

Top 6 Online Bingo Sites Canada

Wink Canada | UK   Plus 2 USA Friendly Sites

These rankings are based upon the security, reliability, bonuses, deposits, payment methods and most importantly reviews of the users. These are the top bingo sites in Canada.

Online bingo games are the same as physical bingo games in casinos. Numerous websites are authorized as bingo gaming sites and some bigger entities have applications developed to play online. All the parameters explained below have a special importance in maintaining their website ratings and making them trustworthy for the players joining online bingo Canada sites for gambling. Here we have listed the top 3 most trusted bingo sites in Canada based on the reviews of both the Bingo players themselves and from various sources online.

This site at will provide Canadian bingo players with the ultimate in reviews from other Canadian online bingo site users as well as from staff. Your input in reviewing sites is also welcome to help others determine where they should play. Just note that we all have good and bad experiences at all things in life. Some negative reviews and comments are not always the same result for another players experiences/circumstances.

Here we have some top trusted bingo Canada sites based on the reviews of the Bingo players.


Online Bingo Laws and Regulations in Canada

Is online bingo legal in Canada?

This is the only big doubt in every new player’s mind who is just ready to enter this real money-making online market without committing illegalities. According to the Responsible Gambling Council and Canadian Gaming Association, gambling on online bingo sites and online casinos is 100% legal in Canada. But there is alot of grey area in that 100%. It depends on what games you are playing, and other factors. For example betting on single sporting events is illegal to do in Canada. Thats why only parlay bets are offered.

These associations are playing roles in making gambling more secure and maintaining gambling standards across the country by updating research about modern protocols and trusted authorities. Responsible Gambling Council is introducing more reliable algorithms to keep all online bingo/casino gamblers from all over Canada attracted to online bingo sites.

According to the Criminal Code of Conduct Canada, there is nothing mentioned illegal about online bingo sites specifically. So, Canadians for now it seems are free to have fun on bingo Canada sites without any doubt about doing illegal things. As far as we know there has been no problems to date. The real problems are unlicensed bingos and casinos that operate. Its up to you to make sure the site you choose has a license. Its also your responsibility to attempt to keep up with the ever changing gambling laws.

The age restriction must be followed as mentioned on the bingo/casino site. Normally its 18 plus. Check each individual site for details. To maintain the liability and security of the bingo site sometimes users have to show proof of age. The best way is to start with the most trusted bingo sites in Canada. Show proof of age, send required documents for withdrawals and enjoy the games.

Is the Site Legit?

What you do want to do is check to make sure the site is legitimate. That it has a license to operate from a Canadian province, or applicable offshore licence that is up to date. Each site should have a clickable license icon on its page to verify its license status. 

The strongest licenses are:

Province Issued

Kawanake Issued

UK Issued 

Then other overseas licenses 


Gambling Licence Bodies:

Costa Rica and Belize licenced are 2 you should avoid for sure. That and sites with no license at all. There are some bingo sites with no licence. Check on the registration page when you sign up for free play. At the bottom of the page they should have a clickable license icon, or at the very least a link leading to their current license status.


Links for Gambling Laws:


Online Bingo Canada History

In the middle of the 16th century, a lottery game initiated in Italy. After 2 consecutive centuries, this game took its footsteps to France from where it started spreading to all the other countries of Europe.

In the Early 18th century, it spread to Germany where people also made it useful for education and learning means.

Edwin S. Lowe, a travelling salesman saw this exciting game while attending a carnival in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. He was much impressed by looking at the game played by people using beans. The winning people cheer it up by saying “BEANO” out loud.

Edwin Lowe took the idea made his own BINGO game and expanded it to several combinations opening it for a greater number of players. Edwin S. Lowe then passed his idea to a Columbia University math teacher named Carl Leffer. He made Bingo popular all over the US by obtaining more than 6000 combinations and varieties in the Bingo game.

Although in Canada there were many gamblers in the 19th century all the gambling procedures made legal in 1900. While Bingo got popular in the early 1990s with the licensing by the regulatory bodies in Canada. With the growing digital media, people became successful in developing online bingo games sites. Hence, bringing all the players across the country on the same platform to gamble online providing more ease and comfort to approach the real money-playing market.


How to Play Bingo

Basic Rules For Online Bingo In Canada

It is important to study the basic rules before playing any game especially when it’s involving real money and when you are competing with the best players. The online bingo sites each provide proper guidelines about playing. The rules for online bingo games are nearly the same as offline physical bingo games.

First of all, you have to sign up or register yourself on the bingo site then proceeding to make a deposit and then the bingo site will normally award us some bonuses. Now you can buy bingo cards and play the game live with all other online bingo players.

The basic rules to play online bingo games are very simple. The only thing that matters is the numbers called which we have to compare with the cards in hand. There should be a certain pattern on the cards in hand to win the alloted prize amount. If there is a single winner, they will get the whole prize otherwise in case of multiple winners making the pattern the money will then be equally divided.

There are some hardcore rules and regulations for any game either online or offline. The offline games are developed based on rules designed sometimes making it too much difficult to remember them during play. But online bingo games have a few basic rules which are not complicated at all and easy to memorize.

Some people say that it is a game of luck which is true but if you lose concentration and fail to identify the numbers with the right cards then obviously, we are decreasing our chances of a win and giving our opponent open ground to win instead of us. Usually electronic bingo does all the work for us, and we just watch and wait until our card hits the desired pattern to win, triggering a bingo.

Bingo Rules and Etiquette: Courtesy of Pokershopbiz

Online Bingo Canada FAQ’s

What is the age restriction in Bingo?

Bingo includes online gambling activities so it has restrictions on the age factor. In Canada, the age restriction for online Bingo games is above 18.


Is it safe to enter a bingo site in Canada?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to play online bingo sites as these websites have high encryption making them resilient to malware and hackers. It is important to check the ratings and reviews of the online bingo site before loading any money on the gaming site. It must be checked if they are registered and certified by the government bodies regulating in the province or overseas. Check to see if they are licensed.


What are the best ways to deposit money on bingo sites?

The most used payment methods by the bingo sites are by VISA/Master Card, Maestro, PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER.


What are the rules for online bingo games?

After signing up for the online bingo websites, buy the cards and compare the cards to the numbers being called. The player with the pattern making on the cards according to the numbers called wins the game.


Is Online Bingo in Canada available on Mobile phones?

Online Bingo sites are also accessible from mobile phones or tablets. Also, there are many apps where you can go online and play with a quality experience. Online bingo apps can be simply downloaded from the google app store or directly from the site you join.


Is there any cost to play Bingo in Canada?

The cost to play bingo games always depends upon the individual online bingo sites. Many websites provide registration bonuses by which we can win money for more deposits.


How do I sign up for the online bingo websites?

For safe better and trusted playtime, it is always suggested to sign up for the top bingo sites. There is a portal provided by every bingo site to fill in the formal details and complete your registration. We provide them here on Pick one of the top 10 sites, register, deposit, and then play its that easy.


What type of bonuses can I get on bingo Canada sites?

Most of the Bingo sites provide sign up bonuses, referral bonuses, early deposit bonuses, membership bonuses and progressive jackpot bonuses. See site reviews here at for details on bonuses.


Is it legal to play online bingo games in Canada?

Yes, it is perfectly legal in Canada as the online bingo sites are governed by the Responsible Gambling Council and Canadian Gaming Association. Check to see if licensed.


Licensing and regulatory bodies in Canada

In Canada, bingo gaming is legal since 1985. Several government bodies regulated bingo games. The provinces operate their casinos and many are governing online gambling now. Some bingo sites are regulated by overseas licencing as well.


Ontario Gambling

Ontario is a real gambling place with casinos, lotteries, poker, charitable gaming facilities and online gambling. Online bingo games are governed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG).


British Columbia

British Columbia gambling is regulated by The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch along with British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). All gambling activities including casinos, bingo, lotteries and online gambling sites are governed by these Government bodies.


Quebec Gambling

Quebec gambling is regulated by different government associations. Casinos, lotteries, poker and bingo games are governed by Société des loteries du Québec which is a subsidiary of Loto-Québec that governs online gambling.


Manitoba Gambling

All gambling activities in Manitoba including casinos, lotteries, poker and bingo games are regulated by The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. While online gambling is governed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.


Online Bingo Strategies

In bingo games the chances of winning more or less depend upon luck but we can increase our chances of winning and getting paid a bit more by going with the right strategy.


Choosing the best bingo site:

The online portal where we play bingo games does matter while gambling. By choosing the most trusted bingo sites in Canada it will be safer to play with a better experience and without any payment problems. The wrong sites can result in bad or no payment.


Play the right game:

Online bingo sites provide many games to play. There should be the best game played depending upon the factors involved in safety, bonuses and easy game rules. Most players go for bigger prize games but chances of winning are always less in these games because the bigger prize games have the best players and gamblers with less odds in progressives.

So, playing for lower prize amounts but at most trusted and reliable sites is always suggested to gain a higher probability of winning and getting paid. Make sure to play at one of the top sites for progressive jack pots although odd of winning are lower for progressives you want to be paid for sure if you do hit.


Investing the right amount of money:

Gambling is always about playing with real money. So, while playing with real money bingo sites the only thing that matters is how you use the money during the game. When it comes to playing online bingo games there should be full concentration on game play and cash in hand for card buying. Pay attention to the next game about to start and remember to budget how much you spend each game depending on how long you want to play for.


Chat rooms:

Online bingo games provide a facility of bingo chatroom’s where you can connect to the other players and win more prizes by getting tips on small money-making bingo games, up coming specials, good times to play, etc. People may become friends and then help one another find the best games to play at different bingo halls online.


Play at the right time:

It is always better to play at off times like afternoons or late nights when there are a smaller number of people. If we go in peak times, then definitely we have to face the high-rank players and more players in a single game which always decreases the chances of winning. Some time slot bonuses are divided free among the online players hence in off times we will be more favorable for these prizes.


Cards in hand:

Chances to win are always increased when you have more cards in hand. If you have 1 card and all the others have 5 then obviously, they have a much higher probability to win against you. To get the equal probability of winning you must have the same number of cards as other players have. Playing with more cards requires more attention and focus on the game while playing with a smaller number of cards is always easy to play.


Short Breaks:

It is always best practice to play with some breaks now and then because you should be relaxed while playing. After all its supposed to be fun right? Short breaks will keep you fresh and present minded. More practice over time will increase the stamina for consuming bingo games online for longer periods between the 2 consecutive breaks while if you are new to online bingo games then more breaks are recommended at first.


Types of Bingo games

90-Ball Bingo

90-ball is the most preferred online bingo game because it provides bigger prizes. However, some bingo websites have slightly different steps in approach along with a difference in prizes.

It has three rows and nine columns on the cards. There are 90 numbers in the game. The first column has 1-9 number completing the columns in the same way as the last column has the numbers 81-90. The main objective is to make a pattern in the horizontal direction by the cards in hand compared with the numbers called.

Whenever a number is matching to any card in hand, mark the card and wait for the next numbers called. After all the numbers have being called and it makes the required pattern, you will win for that 1st round. In the 2nd round, the pattern is checked in the remaining 2 rows with the higher prize, usually this is 2 lines but can be any bingo pattern. The 3rd round is for the last remaining row providing the highest money prize, usually this is a full card.


80-Ball Bingo

80-ball Bingo has the same basic rules as 90-Ball Bingo but with the different arrangements of slots and numbers. 80-Ball Bingo is considered to be more exciting and popular among the players due to the fast completion of the games. There are 4 rows and 4 columns.

All the columns have different colors. The number from 1-20 appears in the first column or color, hence other columns follow the same range of the numbers till 80. There are many variations in the patterns in 80-Ball Bingo which include Center Square Bingo, Diagonal Bingo, Horizontal Bingo, Vertical Bingo, Four Corners Bingo, Full Card Bingo etc.

The prize money is inversely proportional to the chances of obtaining a specific pattern. In online bingo games the cards are automatically marked up when a number is called and whenever a specific pattern is made, the winner is announced. Therefore, online bingo is often easier for beginners. Bingo halls also offer electronic bingo as well now. Its much easier too. You just have to yell bingo when your pattern is full.


75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo consists of five rows and five columns. Each column indicating an alphabet of B-I-N-G-O respectively and a range of 15 numbers consecutively from 1-75. As the numbers are called, the cards are marked up.

There are several variations in this 5 row and 5 column numbering system. There are more than 250 different patterns that can be made. The prizes are different for different patterns respectively.

The most popular patterns include Airplane, Anchor, Bow Tie, Cents, Checkmark, Chess Board, Cornered, Blackout, Diamond, Double Bingo, Eight Pack, Four Corners, Go Bingo, Happy Face, Jet, Ladder, Letter A, Letter C, Letter L, Letter M, Letter N, Letter O, Letter P, Letter T, Letter X, Nine Pack, Number 4, Number 8, Straight Diagonal, Straight Horizontal, Straight Vertical, Pole, Top and Bottom, Tree and Triple.


Common Bingo terms

75-ball bingo:

The most variation bingo game played online. It has 5 rows and 5 columns with B-I-N-G-O as every alphabet Identifying each column. These 5 columns contain 75 numbers with 1-15 range for each column respectfully.

80-ball bingo:

A popular bingo game on Canada bingo sites having 4 rows and 4 columns. Each column defining a specific colour and first column has 1-20 range following with the same range in other columns till 80.

90-ball bingo:

90-Ball Bingo contains 9 columns and 3 rows, which covers 90 numbers. Each column has ranged from 1 to 9 following the pattern such that the last column has the numbers 71-80.

Admission Pack:

In online bingo games there are some VIP bingo halls where it is required to have a specific number of cards like 5 to 6 cards to enter.


This feature is available in online bingo gaming. When any number is called, auto-daub marks the card by itself


Players call out Bingo on winning just a gesture of cheer originated from Italy where they call it ‘‘Beano”.

Bingo Card:

A piece of paper containing a specific number of rows and columns where numbers are marked upon each number called.


A wining pattern in 75-Ball Bingo.


Buying bingo cards before game play.


The person or online feature which calls out the number each time.

Chat Comps:

In a chat room of online bingo games, there are certain competitions between the player where you can just enter and start playing and winning prizes.

Chat Monitor:

There is always monitoring of the online bingo chat rooms which are done by the persons called chat monitors.

Chat Room:

Chat room in online bingo games is the online portal for interacting with other players.


The money that is deposited in the online bingo site account to buy cards and make-money-online.


A winning pattern covering the card corner to corner and is considered in almost all Bingo games.


It is the online bingo winning pattern in which center part is covered also called center square.

Early Bird:

A game that runs before the main bingo session. This can be played separately as well.


A 5 rows and 5 columns bingo card with 24 numbers contain a single free space in the center of the square.

Fair and Square:

A bingo variation in which all players have the same amount of tickets.


The bingo cards are also printed out on a thin paper sheet called flimsies.

Four Corners:

A pattern used in bingo games where all of the four corners of the bingo card are covered.

Free Bingo:

It is the same as its name. some bingo sites provide small bingo games with no deposit called free bingo.

Free Space:

The space in the middle of a bingo card without any number on it. Every bingo card has Free Space.

Full House:

When all the numbers are successfully marked it is called a full house.

Game Room:

Game rooms are different than chat rooms where different games are provided to play. This option is just to engage the audience in bingo sites.

Hard way:

It is a winning pattern that is made without using the free space.


The entity that provides the bingo games and gambling services.

Instant Bingo:

It’s also a game play in which there is a certain pattern obtained by scratching the bingo cards.


This is a heavy prize that is won by obtaining a pattern such as a “blackout” or full card.

Maximum Tickets:

There is a limit of buying cards in every online bingo game. That differs depending upon the bingo games.

Moonlight Bingo:

This is the last bingo game of the night which is played late.

Multiple Winners:

In the case, where more than one player makes the pattern then multiple winners are announced and prize money is divided equally.


A winning pattern in bingo making a block shape filling the 9 slots on the card.


When there is only one number remaining to call out bingo, the player is in “on” state or (waiting).

Online Bingo:

Bingo games are being played from online bingo sites called Online Bingo.


A pattern in bingo games is the main objective of the play for winning. Patterns are variant based on the numbers called. More difficult patterns have usually the larger prizes.


It is the amount of money won by the player in bingo games. Actual payouts are obtained after bingo sites have their commission. Normally it is 75%-80% of the total winnings.

Postage Stamp:

A winning pattern obtained by covering 2 rows and 2 columns in a square at the corners of the bingo card.

Pre-paid Bingo:

In pre-paid bingo players don’t have to play manually he can just buy the cards and start auto-daub feature which marks the card automatically and call the winner.


The bingo game in which the number is called much quicker than normal bingo and players have to come up with the number calling speed for winning a Blackout.


Online bingo sites use Random Number Generator (RNG) for the numbers being called out.

Serial Number:

Every ticket bought on the online bingo site has a unique serial number containing 5 digits.

Six Pack:

The winning pattern in bingo games made by 6 numbers in a square form.


A full event including different bingo games played at the same time.

Split Pot:

When the money prize is equally divided among all other winning players known as split pot.


A system developed by Game Tech Inc. (GTI) in which an electronic dauber automatically marks the bingo numbers being called. This is purchased at the start of the game and can be used just once in a session.

Texas Blackout:

Similar to the Bingo Blackout it is also a variation of the winning pattern which covers every square of the cards. This pattern is based on the first number called even or odd.


This term is similar to the sheets if a player has 10 sheets in the ticket is called 10 up.


Some short games are played at the start of a bingo session.

Wild Number:

The first number called in the bingo games is called a wild number. If the number called is a 2-digit number then the second digit will be a wild number. Let’s suppose the number is 14 then 4 will be the wild number and it can cross up the corresponding numbers like 14, 24, 34, 44.


After making money on the bingo sites, we can withdraw it according to the withdrawal methods mentioned on the online bingo site.

Wrap up:

The last game played in the bingo session is called the Wrap up. Sometimes, final game, and sometimes a carry on coverall to the jackpot.


The difference in UK and Canada online bingo

Online bingo games are more popular in Canada and the UK as compared to other countries. All the gambling activities in these neighboring countries are regulated by some form of government bodies. The gambling territories are organized and legalized by the provinces. Both countries allow local jurisdictions to legalize gambling at all levels.

There are several differences when it comes to the legality of the online gambling industry. There are many online gambling sites in Canada which are governed and over-sighted by the organization named Sport Select. However, many provinces in Canada have not made online bingo games legal. Each regulated Canadian province offers different online gambling sites to the players.

The UK Gambling Commission modernized the gambling industry by passing the Gambling Act 2005 through British Parliament and making online gambling sites open for players with gambling safety and consumer rights. Gaming board for Great Britain took this responsibility in 2007 which was then replaced by National Lottery in 2013.


Probabilities of winning

Number of cards:

Online Bingo games provide fix chances of winning. Hence, each online bingo card purchased has an equal chance of winning.

If you buy ten online bingo cards, each one of these ten cards have the same probability of winning. If there are 100 players in the game with one card each, your one card will have the same chances of winning.

Let’s suppose you buy more cards by counting it ten, the probability of winning will be increased because you will have more cards than other players. So, to obtain more chances of winning money you need more cards in hand than other players on average.


Number of players:

In online bingo games the number of players online always matter, a smaller number of players provide better odds. As with the increase in players’ probability of losing the game also increase because any player with more money than you can buy a greater number of cards.

For example, if there are ten players in an online bingo game and each player buys the maximum allowed number of cards, then everyone will have equal chances of winning. But if you buy cards less than the maximum limit and all the other players have a maximum number of cards then obviously you have more probability to lose the bingo game.

Hence, both the numbers of the cards in hand and the number of the player’s in the game matters equally. There are some other ways which can probably increase the chances of a win like playing during off peak times, mid-afternoon or late-night because during these off-times there are a smaller number of players in the game. The odds of winning can also be increased by a full concentration of maximum cards purchased during the game.


Payment Methods

Payment is always done when a player takes an amount of money in winnings. The online bingo sites have a certain deduction from the total winning money as their commission. Which is about 15%-25% of the whole winnings depending upon the bingo site.

While choosing a reliable payment for money transfer, these are 3 decisive factors:


Some bingo sites are made highly protected and secure as governed by the Canada Gaming Association. As much information on the internet is vulnerable to online parasites and hackers and these websites involve thousands of daily transactions, they are therefore made end to end encrypted for protection.

Ease of Use: 

Many methods of payments are provided on bingo sites suiting the player requirements to transfer winnings from online bingo to the players personal accounts.


It is always essential that the payment methods specified on online bingo sites should be accessible to the customer. Some payment methods are not available in the player’s area or some players don’t have any access to these payment methods and will have to set them up. Most just choose one or two methods right for them.

After winning, when it’s time to transfer all the money you’ve won into your piggybank, there are many secure transaction options  available to keep all the confidential information private and completely secure. The best part is they are all easy to set, use and are compatible with many major online bingo sites. Finding the best method may be a little tricky, it may depend on what you find familiar and easy to use, at the same time it may also really come down to your taste.

Visa and MasterCard have been always the main payment and deposit options. But as the internet becomes more and more available to everyone, now E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and even Bitcoin options are available for your convenience.

Some online bingo sites allow limited payment options while some top bingo sites provide the full spectrum of leading edge payment methods. Some methods have been proven to be most accepted among online gamblers.


Credit/ Debit Cards:

VISA/Master card:

Transaction through these credit cards is a common method for online bingo sites in Canada. It has become the top secure way to wire money.

While signing up for an online bingo site it is required to submit the payment option for your deposit. If you select the credit card option it will provide more options for various types of credit cards, chose the VISA/Master card and input your card information like full card numbers, expiry date and CCV number at the time of deposit.

This is the most acceptable method because VISA/Master is in common use in Canada and people always like to keep mobile money with them in the form of credit and debit cards.


Maestro: This is debit card used for mobile money, Bingo games sometimes have an option for Maestro for deposits and withdrawals.



E-wallets are just like online banking of your bank accounts. It is connected to your bank accounts and credit/debit cards so very helpful in transactions from bank or credit/debit cards. E-wallets have their banking portal verified and certified by the currency relating to regulatory bodies.

Bingo games allow a variety of e-wallets as payment methods. E-wallet has become a lot popular not only in Canada but all over the world. Online bingo sites provide all possible e-wallets for the players depending upon the region.



PayPal enables you to send money, and accept payments online. You can register your credit card/debit card or bank account with your PayPal account. Most of the online bingo sites provide this option as PayPal is the most popular and growing e-wallet world-wide. You can simply choose the PayPal option when you select a payment option on these online bingo sites Canada.



Skrill provides the most safe and secure methods for online transactions. Most of the online bingo sites in Canada comprise this payment option for online gamblers because there is a big category of online players that prefers Skrill as a trustworthy source of transactions.



NETELLER is getting more prominent among online gamblers. After the US and UK, Canada is also making it a necessary option  for online bingo sites.

Prepaid Cards:

A simple plastic card to shop around in the market. You can buy the prepaid cards loaded in money and use it anywhere accepted to buy other things. It is feasible in open market stores also you can buy them online too. Online bingo games accept these fast money cards as these are just like debit cards.


Deposits & Withdrawals

After logging into a trusted gambling game site, a deposit of money is always required. There are variations in the type and amount of early deposits on distinctive bingo sites depending upon the province or overseas regulator in regulating the bingo site.

The money won in the bingo game can be withdrawn just after Bingo is called. Withdrawals don’t include the total winnings as some part of it is taken by the bingo site for profit which is approximately 15-25% of the total. The remaining amount can be withdrawn by several means of money transactions available on that online bingo site.


Online bingo games provide money play mostly in US or UK Currency while players can deposit and withdraw money in their currencies and it is converted.

Minimum Deposit:

Bingo sites mostly have less than $75 for wire transfer and $25 for all others. It all depends on the site.

Deposit Methods:

Every bingo gambling site have slightly different deposit methods but most of the online bingo games have the options of VISA/Mastercard, Maestro, Prepaid cards, NETELLER, Skrill, bank transfer and PayPal as most popular.

Minimum Withdrawal:

A Paper check requires a minimum of 200$-300$ and Bank Transfer requires a minimum of $500. For all other payment options, it is about $50

Maximum Withdrawals:

Maximum limit of withdrawal varies with each particular bingo site. There are certain levels of membership which increase along with your winning status. Higher rank players can withdraw more winnings as their weekly withdrawals can increase up to 5000$ weekly. While some bingo sites differ from the trend and provide special withdrawals for top gamblers.


Withdrawal Times:

There are several time slots on the bingo sites from which you can choose to withdraw your winnings.

Free Online Bingo:

Most of the bingo sites have the option to play free bingo games that are available for certain time duration’s and have smaller prizes.

Online Bingo Loyalty Programs:

Rankings of the players depend upon their winning status. The hierarchy of these ranking levels is from Basic to Master, and sites may rank you differently depending on their rules and regulations.

Ticket Prices:

Bingo sites have some common ticket prices that most often vary between 50 cents to $2 per card. However each site offers different amounts some as low as 10 cents. Progressives usually tend to be higher in ticket price.


Online Bingo Canada Conclusion:

We hope this helps you find your way around the most trusted bingo sites in Canada. Have fun and please share this with your fellow Canadian bingo players.

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