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Top Bingo Game Patterns

You will get the most exciting feeling and aura of joy if you hit bingo and win when you start playing and completing winning bingo patterns online and in bingo halls. In this post, we are going to talk in detail about the multiple easy, fun, regular, and holiday bingo patterns for seniors and people of all ages that can be sought after in order to win the game.

In fact, you have to gather at least 4 numbers in order to complete some static one line easy patterns. Truth be told, avid bingo players are going to love the exciting new Bingo patterns often found at online bingo’s. Especially the cool holiday bingo patterns for Christmas and Halloween.

Sometimes, many patterns may seem very easy to accomplish and mundane to play. This is true, especially if you are used to playing Bingo often in your daily life. Actually, you can implement different types of combinations of patterns in order to win more and have more fun with your home games with friends and family.


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It is highly recommended to start getting familiar with the game and how the different patterns work. You have to do it before starting to dab the bingo ticket numbers. Like that, you can start playing in a strategic way and avoid missing a bingo by being familiar with the correct pattern you are playing for at the time.

After finishing this post, you will get all the needed bingo patterns to have fun and know what to look for in order to win. Like that, you will be aware of how to identify when you have a bingo by knowing the bingo pattern in play. You can apply such patterns while you play online games related to Bingo as well as real-life games of Bingo at home.


Bingo Winning Patterns 


Bingo Patterns

Letter X with Lotto cards and game chips on white background


Some patterns are easy to achieve, on the other hand, we can find some other types that may seem more complicated and require a longer playing experience to get used to. Rookie players are best sticking to easy patterns especially if not playing electronically and dabbing or placing chips on a card at home.

Some specific bingo patterns will require you to spend time getting to know and memorize. Invest a small amount of time here today and get to know them all. Especially when in a bingo hall. Online bingo however, is a lot easier as the machine stops and awards you the win when you complete the required pattern before anyone else.

In fact, we can find many factors that may alter the chance of getting a bingo pattern. One of the top factors is how the number of tickets affect you and your chances of winning. You have to watch over the number of cards you play in relation to others. People with more cards than you will have better odds of winning.

The game is after all, about luck. You can never talk about the odds of any system of games when luck is involved. You cannot predict anything and trigger a winning bingo pattern. It is not possible.

You may be lucky to win several bingo games in a row, and then not win anything for some length of time. The more players with more cards in play, means the less chance you have to win. Make no doubt, the smaller the room, with less players the better your odds. However, the prizes are generally bigger in the rooms with more players as well as with progressives.


Standard Easy Bingo Patterns vs. Unique Crazy Bingo Patterns

As the popularity and fame of  online bingo has grown over the last few years, we can now find many winning patterns related to trends in the online bingo world. You have to take into consideration that there are many bingo patterns that are more difficult to follow today.

Truth be told, you have to know the right patterns that can give you the winning chance to cash in. Nowadays, we can find what we call crazy bingo patterns and what we can also call standard bingo patterns too, or in other terms, static bingo patterns.

Easy Static Patterns 

The static pattern stands for the absence of the possibility of shifting the card and the players find it easy to follow when playing manually. Airplane and diamond in addition to the outside square and inside square can stand as great examples for static patterns.


Crazy Patterns that can change/rotate

On the other hand, we have to also talk about crazy patterns. People love them!  They can be rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees when it comes to playing bingo tickets. However, if you are a beginner, try to stay away from the wild crazy patterns for now until you get the hang of it for sure.

Clock patterns and airplane patterns and other tricky patterns are among the top crazy bingo patterns out there that may grab your attention if you like the game.


Popular Simple Bingo Patterns


You may have become accustomed to know which combination of patterns are more fun and valuable for you. Some Bingo patterns need a specific amount of numbers to complete.

There are many bingo players that prefer one pattern over another according to their experience and how good they are at identifying and relating to specific types of Bingo patterns. Simple bingo patterns include one line, two line, and full card. The inside square and letter X are also simple and commonly used bingo winning types of patterns.


Clock Bingo Pattern


The Clock Bingo Pattern is one of the most valuable types in Online games and land-based casinos too. We are dealing with a form resembling a large circle that covers the perimeter of your ticket.

On the bottom of your card, you will find a hand related to your clock. This is the main reason behind the famous name for just such a Bingo pattern.

Around the globe, players of such bingo games often choose the clock bingo pattern type. This is due to the easiness of the game when playing electronically and how you can easily win when the software triggers the win for you while you watch your clock pattern fill the screen. Like that, you will get plenty of rewards easily without any restrictions in how many cards you can play.


Wine Glass Pattern


Wine Glass Bingo Pattern

Wine Glass Bingo Pattern

Another well known famous pattern is the cool Wine Glass pattern. You can find it all over the internet when it comes to online platforms.

It is formed with 11 numbers and it resembles the shape of a wine glass.

The pattern is very popular and needs 11 numbers only.

It has a unique combination to hit and the games go by fairly quickly, when we talk about wanting fast and fun methods to win while playing Bingo games.

Especially when we deal with the complicated patterns like this, online or electronic bingo halls are the way to go.

Its hard to play regular bingo and dabbing while keeping track of this pattern.


Windmill Bingo Pattern


The Windmill Bingo Pattern

The Windmill Bingo Pattern

This kind of pattern is in use more with 75 ball bingo variations. It comprises of about 17 numbers to complete.

It has a cool shape like a windmill on the ticket too, making it a fun pattern.

It resembles the shape of a windmill and that is the origin of the bingo patterns name.

When players need more and more excitement, this pattern will provide them the best luck and fun to enjoy easily.

This pattern is fun for players who like one that lasts a longer time and is more fun than many other Bingo patterns in the game.


Bell Pattern




Some other patterns are often used according to special occasions and holidays. This is the case of the bell pattern. This often happens when Christmas time occurs.

It offers player a sense of joy and a festive flavor when playing during the holidays, which offers a great motivation to win the game at this time of year.

If you are interested in such a Bingo Pattern then you are required to mark about 13 numbers in many different positions.

This game accordingly will be slower paced than the other type of patterns.

It can even take more time than the other patterns for sure, for the players who like the game to last longer then say, going for a one line bingo.


Holiday Bingo Patterns

Candy Cane Christmas Bingo Pattern

This winning pattern has a direct relationship to the famous and tasty candy cane. It takes 7 numbers to make, and it can almost always be found in progressive bingo games.

You will have more chances to win higher amounts of money like never before in progressives. You will have to try the candy cane bingo pattern on your next bingo ticket because it may end up being your lucky pattern to winning a progressive for a life changing sum of money.

If it happens that you enjoy the progressive jackpots, you will be able to have fun forming the candy cane shape easily without any problems electronically. You will always receive the payout for the candy cane bingo pattern while not having to worry about missing it due to the last number called when playing online.


Witches Hat Halloween Bingo Patterns

Witches Hat Bingo Pattern

Witches Hat Bingo Pattern

The witches hat is another popular bingo pattern. It is widely used in the online bingo rooms and you can easily find it in the progressive games using the witches hat bingo pattern.

It has 13 numbers and you can play it during the holidays like Halloween.

It takes a longer amount of time compared to the other patterns. It is sometimes linked to the progressive games and can bring enticing rewards and prizes for the online players of progressives.



Arrow Patterns



This pattern forms from  the corner and the diagonal lines which stretch to the farthest opposite of one (corner). 

It has about 9 squares and it is very famous as a winning shape among bingo pattern enthusiasts.

The set of numbers that form the shape of the arrow compared to other patterns plays faster, therefore you can play more games quicker if that’s what your looking for.



Letters and Numbers

You can find great bingo games related to having fun using letter patterns. They are very popular since they can be played by all ages of people. They are found online and in real life-based halls too. These popular bingo patterns are easy to follow and easy to recognize. Letters and numbers are great bingo patterns for seniors.

You can find easy and hard letter patterns at the same time too. The letter is always used including the outer edges and the center of the cards. You can find many famous letters related to bingo patters like Y, M, X, Z, H.


Bingo Patterns for Seniors

One line and two line bingo patterns are great for seniors and kids. Easy to follow, easy to remember and identify, the basic one line and two line bingos with a full card coverall are classic fun. No stress involved with one line and two line bingo patterns. These are just one and two straight lines up, down, across, and diagonal. The outside square and then full card are another great choice.


Other Bingo Patterns

We can find many other types of Bingo patterns in the industry today. Especially when we talk about the wide variety of internet bingo games and sites online. However, they may differ when it comes to the duration and the complexity of the pattern.

This is in addition to the number the pattern holds and the shape needed to be achieved. There are some pretty weird patterns out there so luckily bingo’s are triggered by automatic software playing for us now a days and watching over our cards.

But if your playing at home or at a bingo hall with paper cards, you need to pay attention to the pattern your looking to fill as you need to yell bingo to stop the game. In live bingo’s you must pay strict attention to the bingo pattern in play and call out bingo on the last number called to get paid.

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